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Queenstown Activities

Queenstown has an array of great activities for you to do during your stay.  We are happy to help plan and book your Queenstown holiday prior to your arrival. 

Top Picks

Gforce Paragliding

Launch off from the Queenstown Gondola and enjoy the breathtaking views.  A must do to kick start your vacation to Queenstown and New Zealand.

Pure Glenorchy

Great half day adventure to Glenorchy and Paradise - includes free photo CD and delicious picnic. This tour is a great option for when the weather does not permit flights to Milford Sound or the Ski Resorts are closed. Locally owned and operated.

Last Minute Hot Deals

We receive daily emails with last minute hot deals from local operators.

These trips can include:

  • Milford Sound Flights
  • 4WD tours
  • Helicopter Flights
  • Milford Sound Overnight Cruise
  • Lake Cruises

Check with reception on arrival.

Ah Queenstown! Is there anything you don’t offer the multitudes of tourists that flock to you every season?! We at Coronation Lodge have everything you need to know on where to go for the best activities, food and entertainment in this wonderful city. Booking one of our fabulous rooms is just the beginning of your unforgettable stay in this iconic New Zealand town. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start the vacation of your dreams!

When it comes to outdoor activities that get the blood pumping, every Kiwi knows that the place to be is Queenstown. Whether you’re a raucous thrill seeker or a sweet tempered tramper, Queenstown has something for everyone. At Coronation Lodge, we’re conveniently located in the heart of Queenstown, giving you the opportunity to access every adventure this part of the world has to offer.

Just take a look at what we’ve got to offer:

If you’re not scared of heights, then the Skyline Gondola is for you. You can’t beat the view and there’s a café and a restaurant with cultural flair to keep you entertained. And if you’re feeling particularly fit, there are walking and biking trails and a luge to inspire you!

Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate Queenstown experience, look no further than the Kawarau Bungy. This 43-metre Bungy jump is the world's first and most infamous of giants leaps and attracts thousands of people willing to jump year after year. If you’re feeling a little chicken, then you can hand around and watch the other nutters jump off the bridge instead!

So, by now you’ve had a taste for the “high life” with the Gondola and the Bungy but you don’t know excitement until you’ve tried the Tandem Paragliding! Fly like a bird with the only company with a permit to fly over Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu!

And for those of you who are height averse we have plenty of options to offer. How about an adrenaline rush with Shotover Jet? Speeding down the infamous Shotover River and deep into the raging River Canyons, we bet you’ve never had a white water ride as amazing as this before!

If you’re a little more timid than you like to admit, our handy location to the Queenstown Gardens means that you can a calming stroll through the many walking tracks here and even pack a small picnic and enjoy the view. With free tennis courts, a bowling club and a skate park, these iconic gardens have something to offer for the whole family.

When it comes to shopping, Queenstown can’t be beat. Shops like toi o tahuna and Koha offer authentic and unique gifts from NZ made jewelry and traditional Maori art to designer clothing. 

In addition to the various activities and shopping Queenstown has to offer, your tummy will be thrilled with the variety of cuisine available here. Queenstown has some of the best cafes and restaurants in NZ and our savvy staff at Coronation Lodge have sourced the top picks for your palate. You’re welcome!

  1. Vudu Café and Larder: This iconic café serves up excellent baking and some of the best breakfasts you’ll find in Queenstown.  Breakfast and lunch options include buttermilk pancakes and a cheesy quesadillas. The décor is cool and laid back and the rear garden in the back has some of the greatest views of the lake and mountains.
  2. Botswana Butchery: These star quality meals are a well thought out combination of seasonal vegetables and choice cuts of local beef, lamb, poultry and seafood. And you won’t believe the wine list! Definitely the restaurant to head to if you’re looking to impress.
  3. Fergburger: The most popular burgers in the South Island have become a tourist attraction where you’ve got to be willing to queue for delicious burgers with clever names like ‘Sweet Bambi’ and ‘Tropical Swine’. Open from 830am-530am, these operating hours alone should indicate the popularity of this place. It can get a bit rowdy so behave!
  4. Patagonia: You won’t find better chocolate in the whole of New Zealand so come armed with your wallet and a cooler to transport these goodies back home! Thick European style hot chocolate, handmade chocolates and the best ice cream, Patagonia is a lady’s dream come true! Don’t even dare passing up the warm churros: you’ll regret it.

But Chef, if you’d rather stay in for a bite to eat, our Deluxe Kitchenette rooms come with a fully stocked kitchenette!

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